Olle Ohlsson
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Six sketches freely interpreted into Intarsia

Olle Ohlsson's peculiar fantasy world is realized not only in silver but also in drawings and paintings.

Olle Ohlsson became interested in working with Intarsia when he was visiting an exhibition of works by the Danish Intarsia master Andreas Nellemann and his collegues. There were, among other things, a painting of a lone tree in shape of a female figure, whose head longingly looks at the moon made of illuminated agate, created by Anderas Nellemann's Swedish collegue Lise-Lotth de Wrang.

This exhibition inspired Olle Ohlsson. Could his sketches and paintings be freely interpreted into Intarsia? Yes, dear viewer, here you see the result in free interpretation by Lise-Lotth de Wrang, with a silver sculpture by Olle Ohlsson depicted on each picture.

Welcome dear viewer into Olle Ohlsson's fantasy world!

Olle Ohlsson, Urvädersgränd 13, SE-116 46 Stockholm, Sweden, Phone: +46 8 643 60 68