Olle Ohlsson
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Works of art

Uninhibited creative work

Olle Ohlsson was one of the first to create uninhibited in silver. He broke with functionalism with his use of unconventional techniques such as dental drill, overheating, acid treatment and oxidation as well as with sensuous and expressive forms.

Olle is sensitive to "what the silver wants". He has made everyday objects, bowls, vases, jewellery and ornaments, and even pure things of art, such as bumble bees and gold ants in series. Olle has also worked with various symbol saturated themes, gold boxes, bowls, hats, shoes, sticks and post modernist bridal crowns.

From Olle Ohlsson Silversmith, Ann-Marie Eriksson

Olle Ohlsson, Urvädersgränd 13, SE-116 46 Stockholm, Sweden, Phone: +46 8 643 60 68